Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Curriculum Vitae:  Ms. Cal Volks


2012: Currently developing research proposal for PhD.
    Currently completing practicum as a Registered Counselor through UCT. (Board exam administered by
     the Psychology Board of the Health Professions Council scheduled Nov.  2012)

2011: British Infertility Counselling Association Counselling Course, UK.

  2003: Health Promotion module -part of Masters in Health Systems Management
             London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, U.K.

1993: MA (Rhodes University, South Africa)

1999: Psychology Honours [Community Psychology, Public Health,  
          Research and Evaluation] (UNISA)


2001 - Current: Director HIV/AIDS Co-ordination UCT – HAICU; Infertility & HV Counsellor

Skills: HIV/AIDS & Infertility Counseling; Research; Communications Campaigns; Project Management.



      -     (In progress) Outcomes of the integration of peer education around the Human  
        papiloma Virus into an HIV/AIDS Peer Education programme at UCT.

    -    (In progress) Outcomes of striving to build an AIDS Competent Community at 2 

         schools in Khayelitsha. Part of a special issue on the relationship between the
         University and schools.

    -    (In progress) Outcomes of an HIV/AIDS Peer Education programme at the University 
          of Cape Town


-     (In progress). Abstract submitted for Conference on  Intergenerational Trauma  Empathic. Repair with Diversity Educators. A comparison of 2 dichotomous cases.Dec. 2012. 

-   (In progress) Session Chair and Speaker: HIV/AIDS Stigma as an issue of Inclusivity. Higher Education Against AIDS National Conference 29 and 30 November 2012.

-    (In progress). "I felt disgusted at what he felt to be OK". UCT First Year Art Students Depictions of Tensions between Constructs of Desire among UCT HIV/AIDS Peer Educators and the Students they Sought to Educate. with Lucina Reddy and Fabian Sapatouw

-     (In press) HIV/AIDS and Higher Education: Are We Asking the Correct Questions? Chapter for Special Issue of AIDS Review. Edited by Mary Crewe. The Centre for The Study of AIDS Pretoria. Aug.2012

     -     Disclosing Donor Insemination: What can South Africa learn from Other 
           Countries. Presentation to the CapeTown Continuing Professional Development
           Group  Meeting of Reproductive .July 2012.

-      “There’s This Thing with Men: They Want to have More than 1 Sexual Partner”. Gender Identities as experienced by Peer Educators and the Recipients of their Education at the University of Cape Town. Presentation of research at Freie University Institute for Ethnology Social and Cultural Anthropology Department. May 2012.

-     “Finding Reconciliation as a Third Generation Descendant of Jewish Germans who fled the Holocaust”  Essay for the Cape Town Holocaust Centre.May 2012.

-     Presentation. SAHARA conference satellite session around Higher Education and HIV/AIDS. November 2011, Port Elizabeth. Using Communication as a core strategy in Higher Education Responses to HIV/AIDS

-     Narratives and Nostalgia In HIV Education and Transformation Colloquium. University of Cape Town.  Keynote Address. Sep. 2011.

-     Introduction and Chair of Session on Youth and HIV/AIDS. 5th South African HIV/AIDS AIDS Conference. June 2011.

-     “Its OK if They’re in Different Area Codes”: Sexual Concurrency among University of Cape Town students. Poster presentation. 5th South African HIV/AIDS AIDS Conference. June 2011. Co-authored with Lucina Reddy

-     A Description and Evaluation of 3 Anti-HIV Stigma Activities conducted at the University of Cape Town in 2006,2007 and 2008. Higher Education Against AIDS Conference March 2010 Johannesburg.

-     Presentation of data from a pilot programme to integrate HIV and AIDS in the Science and Engineering Faculties at the University of Cape Town presented to a meeting of the Deans of all Faculties. June 2010. with Dena Lomofsky.

-       The University of Cape Town responds to the National HIV/AIDS Prevalence Research Survey. Colloquium around HIV Prevalence at Higher Education Institutions. University of Cape Town. Oct. 2010.


   –     “Equal but Separate” A Qualitative analysis of the relationship between experiences of
          HIV discrimination and disclosure among University of Cape Town HIV Positive
          students. Presented at the 12th International AIDS Conference in Mexico. June 2008.

-    “ Experiences of UCT students living with HIV” Speaker at the University of Cape Town Colloquium on HIV Stigma. 

-     An HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme: A health promotion strategy for the University of Cape Town. Submission for a Tender an d Presentation for UCT Senior Leadership.
-    “The Role of Tertiary Education Institutions in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in AIDS and South Africa” Chapter in The Social Expression of a Pandemic, Ed. Kauffman and Lindauer. pp.161 -175.

-     “The Role of Tertiary Education Institutions in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in AIDS and South Africa”. Presentation at Wellesley College Conference around AIDS in South Africa. April 2002.

-     Video link up with People Living With HIV in South Africa from Wellesley College, Boston Conference together with Jeffrey Sachs.



2012    Erasmus Mundus scholarship to lecture and attend at Freie University, Berlin.

2011    Awarded National Research Fund Scholarship (I was not able to take this up due to full time employment).

03-10   Received a grants from The Elton John HIV/AIDS Foundation; MERCK New York;
             Mercury Phoenix ; Engenderhealth.

2002   Received South African Health Dept. Beyond Awareness Best Practice award for 
            UCT response to HIV/AIDS.

2001    Selected for Mellon Foundation sponsored course for women leaders in Higher Education     
             Boston, SA; 

1999-    Awarded 2 Rotary Foundation Scholarships